A Taste of Greece

Greek Wine: An Introduction

While they are increasingly becoming in vogue on wine lists from New York to old York, there are still misconceptions and apprehension on the part of consumers when looking at Greek wines. So here is a (short) history, description and guide to the difficult to understand (and pronounce) world of Greek wines.

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Chardonnay for beginners

If there is one characteristic about Chardonnay that defines it as a grape, it is versatility. In this blog, we’re going to explore what makes Chardonnay one of the most widely drunk wines around the world – and why you should revisit it if you haven’t for a while.

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Indulgent desserts for adults, whatever the occasion!

We know becoming an adult has its ups and downs but a blindingly obvious positive, in our eyes, is that hitting adulthood means desserts are not only allowed once you’ve finished your meal. Here at Pairings we believe that desserts should be enjoyed whenever the mood takes you. Fancy a mid-morning little treat or perhaps afternoon tea and slice of cake? And why not, as they say a little of what you fancy does you good.

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